View excerpts below from some of Ryan's recent choreography.

"Fight Song" explores issues of gender roles and societal constraint in dense urban environments. Choreography by Ryan Myers Johnson, music arranged by David Johnson. Dancers Karla Lane and Uri Mercury. Photography by Cheryl Willard.

"Flo Me La" is an ensemble piece exploring the frustration of living within the constraints of societal norms. It is also an exploration of polyrhytmic jazz forms. Choreography by Ryan Myers-Johnson, dancers Heritage Works ensemble with guest Angela Blocker. Photography by Adam Brown

"Jungle Statement" is a quartet for women proudly celebrating the feminine form and the difficulties that come with curves. Choreography by Ryan Myers Johnson. Dancers Angela Blocker, Kristi Faulker, Karla Lane and Ryan Myers Johnson.

Jo! Africa to America: A Dance Odyssey has a pretty self explanatory title! It is a journey through Black dance, from Africa to today.

More videos coming soon!